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A duplicate Google My Business listing is when there are multiple listings of your company (same name, same address, and same phone number) within the Google My Business platform.

Unless you meet Google’s guidelines on having multi-department listings, such as Walmart, Walmart Vision Center, and Walmart Pharmacy, or having individual practitioner listings, like for each doctor at your practice or each lawyer at your firm, all duplicate listings for your company would be violating the guidelines for representing your business on Google.

Violating these terms of service could result in penalties and your listing taken down. The following shares how you can merge or remove a duplicate listing in Google My Business.


How to merge duplicate Google My Business listings into one listing

1. Ensure that the duplicate listing’s address matches your business’ address exactly

If the addresses match:
Contact Google to request that they merge the two listings.

If the addresses do not match:
Use the suggest an edit feature in Google Maps to indicate that the location in error does not exist.

Click on suggest an edit


How you can remove a duplicate location

1. Sign into your Google My Business account

2. Go to the duplicate locations section

3. Click on the location that you wish to remove

Click on the location to remove

5. Click “Remove Location”

Click on remove locationYou’ll need to do this part for every duplicate listing you have on the list.


Your Google My Business Listing is Important for Your Local SEO!

Your Google My Business listing is more than just a directory resource. It’s an essential component to your local SEO strategy. Potential customers can learn more about your business, read reviews, see the latest news, promotions, or offers, and get directions to your location.

By keeping your listing accurate, you’re helping Google and customers learn more about you. And this can lead to higher website traffic and more customers.