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Facebook Groups

The following is an organic promotional strategy to generate phone calls by posting personal recommendations to local Facebook Groups.


1) Search and Join as many local Facebook Groups in the city(ies) your business services.

To search for local groups to join in Facebook:

  1. Click into the Search Bar (on desktop) or the Search Icon (on mobile) within Facebook
  2. Type in the name of the city and search
  3. Filter the search results by clicking on GROUPS to see group search results only
    • Facebook Groups Strategy
  4. Join any “Word Of Mouth”, “Local Businesses” or any groups you feel will be where someone would ask for a local recommendation.



2) Search For “Recommendation” Posts Within The Local Groups You Join

When you visit the Facebook Group:

  • On mobile app, click on the search icon in top right corner.
  • On desktop/laptop, click in the search box you will find on left hand side that says “Search This Group”.

Now search for “Recommendations”

RecommendationsYou will see search results specifically for local people asking for recommendations for local services. Scroll through the search results and find any recommendation posts for the services your business offers.



3) Share Your Recommendation With Any People That Need Your Company’s Services

When you come across a post asking for a recommendation for a service your business offers, reply with a recommendation. You can prepare a template response to use each time & make personal by addressing the person by their name.

Below is an example of how we did so for a client of ours.

If you are sharing a personal recommendation for your own business, modify your message to be personally from you as the owner – share with them what makes your business special and why the should contact you.

Facebook Recommendations*We highly recommend that you use a Phone Tracking Number to be able to verify that the person does give you a call. If you do not hear from them, you can always reach out by sending them a personal message to start the sales conversation.



Expert Tips:

1) It’s best to be able to reply to a recommendation post sooner than later; meaning it is better to be one of the first recommendations. We found that we were able to generate results by checking local Facebook Groups twice a day for efficiency. (Once in the afternoon & once later in the evening to time when most people are active on Facebook for activity like this)

2) Make sure to use a Phone Call Tracking Number to measure what efforts are producing real results for your business.
(Phone calls and new business)

If you need an easy Phone Call Tracking Solution, we include Phone Call Tracking with our Lead Dashboard Service.



We Hope This Provides Value To Your Business!

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